Quivalence cuts red tape for institutional banks by using existing intelligence held in
the bank to create agreements with customers.

In institutional banking, contracting with customers takes way too long.

For institutional customers, the drafting of agreements appears to progress at a glacial pace. For each new agreement baseline documentation is prepared by the bank and sent to the customer’s lawyers. The negotiation process that follows is unnecessarily drawn out.

Time is wasted negotiating points that need no negotiation.

Often much of the information required for the agreement is already known, but documents are still negotiated point by point, until agreement is reached weeks later. The adoption of standard documentation has done little to shorten the time this takes.

This costs everyone money. Big money.

Quivalence estimates that industry-wide, the cost of preparing standard form agreements exceeds $5 billion per year.

In addition, red tape is causing measurable ill-effects such as:

• The lost opportunities to do business (trades) whilst documentation is being agreed

• Increases in the bank’s and customer’s overall risk profiles and costs

• The inefficient use of the bank’s capital

It also results in a negative customer experience, eroding the good relationship between bank and customer.

Contracting is a key customer touch-point for a bank and is a source of frustration and friction for both parties, contributing to such a negative experience that some customers may elect to take future or current business elsewhere.

How Quivalence eliminates the argy bargy.

Quivalence uses a collaborative data-driven approach to prepare all standard form bank agreements by using data, knowledge and information that is already contained within the bank (within policies, playbooks, email archives , already executed agreements and to-be-executed agreements).

Quivalence is a unique tool for creating intelligent agreements that reflect the interests of both the customer and the bank.   The opportunity that this presents is a frictionless way for customers and banks to agree on documentation saving time and money for both parties.

So everyone can get on with business, faster.

Both the bank and customer benefit from reduced incurred costs and less time is wasted on redundant negotiations which means there is more time do business.


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